Studio Shenanigans HKD Photography Part II

Donnie my eldest also has an extreme dislike for sitting still, a session with Donnie entails trying to focus him to look in the one direction for more than 0.5 seconds (and that is no exaggeration)!  If the photo session included football then all would be fine!  He is obsessed with anything Barcelona FC and the great Messi (his opinion, I’m pretty sure that my brain has fallen out of my ear with talk of Messi this, and Messi that). 

Donnie does try to bring a small amount of order to his younger brothers but unfortunately both Kailum & Harris run rings around him.

Donnie has a genetic condition called 15q13.3 microdeletion which means that part of his 15th chromosome has genetic material missing.  The ways in which this affects him is that, he suffers from a visual impairment which also affects his learning, his coordination and his spatial awareness.  Donnie was diagnosed with Autism in 2015, after an extremely lengthy battle with multiple cahms (child mental health) departments.  It was a big relief when we finally got the diagnosis, but unfortunately this hasn’t resulted in extra support especially in school.  You are basically just left to get on with it.  Donnie also has SPD (sensory processing disorder) and hypotonia (overly flexible joints).  Donnie is now 10 and it has been an extremely mentally exhausting journey with rejection and pain at seeing your beloved child struggle and fight. 

This condition is caused by a deletion in the long arm of chromosome 15 that spans at least 7 genes.  We are part of a couple of amazing organisations one called unique, which offers support, information and education on genetic conditions, you can access their website here-

Our family is also members of PALS (play and learning support) based in Cumbernauld.  They promote the access to play and learning for children and their families with additional support needs in the North Lanarkshire area.  It runs for 52 weeks of the year so families do not feel isolated during school holidays.  

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