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What happens when you get your Children to model in the studio?  I only wanted some lovely updated photos of the kids.  If you could see me shaking my head in desperation at the end of the shoot you would feel for me, you really would!

This was one of the attempts at beautiful smiles – at least that was the memo (the one my children did not get, may I add)!


kailum again studio work.jpg

My middle child is known for his disgust when being asked to pose and after just 10 minutes he walked off muttering about how “he had enough of this photo taking rubbish” yes he is forever the perpetual “photographers child”.  I can have all the success in the world when photographing other peoples children but my own, nope.  They won’t pose without them fighting with each other, they won’t smile without telling them there is an imaginary dragon on my head that is currently farting.  Exhausting!  Oh, and this same child managed to get into the bathroom and blocked the toilet with a whole toilet roll whilst I was taking photos of my youngest child, Harris.  Yes, I just love living in a household with three mancubs!



This child has a massive personality for someone so small.  You need to beware at getting his name wrong.  At any minute he can transform from being wild Kailum to turning into the “cute panda”, yes you heard me right, a panda! He fully immerses himself into the very serious role of Panda enactment, the movements, the actions. I’m unsure whether I gave birth to a boy or a panda.  This Photo was the best image of the day –